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Forest Hill Community Association

Forest Hill is a residential neighborhood in the North Ward of Newark, NJ that was listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places in 1990. It encompasses approximately 1,200 mostly single-family homes of varying architectural styles that range from medium to large to manor-sized. The homes in this historic district were mostly built between the 1880's and the 1920's.  Historic designation means that your home has special historical, cultural, or aesthetic value and is an important part of Newark's heritage.

Living in a Historic District has many benefits, but it also has some responsibilities. Benefits include stabilizing or even increasing the value of your property, provided owners and residents abide by the provisions of Newark's Historic Preservation Ordinance.  For instance, if you plan to make changes to the exterior of your property, you must file an application with the Newark Landmarks & Historic Preservation Commission to make sure that your plans fit in with the neighborhood and adhere to the State and City's guidelines for historic properties. That's how we maintain the historic character of the Forest Hill neighborhood.

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