About Us

The Forest Hill Community Association was founded in 1984 to enhance the relationship among residents of its historic district and with similar community-minded organizations and City agencies, to improve the quality of life for all who live within its borders. As the neighborhood continues to prosper with its rich mix of cultural, economic and racial diversity, we look forward to an exciting future for our association, our community and the resurgent City of Newark. Look around our website, stop by any of our events and experience the pleasure of living in Newark's Forest Hill Historic District.

Board of Trustees

President                         Paul A. Agostini

1st  Vice President         John C. Patino

2nd Vice President        Mayra P. Suazo-Aquino


3rd Vice President         Vesta Godwin Clark

Treasurer                         Li Ng 

Secretary                         Jacqueline I. Jay

Parliamentarian           Catharine Longendyck

Communications          Paul A. Agostini



Trustee                            Tasha Garcia

Committee Chairs

Membership                     Tasha Garcia

Events                                 Jacqueline I. Jay

Beautification                   June Bennett

                                              S. Rose Gordon


Vacant Homes &              Michele Butchko

Historic Preservation     Catharine Longendyck                       
Air Traffic                           Kenneth M. Kroll