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Beautification Committee

The Greenest of Green Spaces! From open fields to the amazing cherry blossoms.

FHCA has partnered with the Care of the Park Movement, a legacy initiative of the Branch Brook Park Alliance in partnership with the County of Essex.  Essex County is the primary steward of the park.  FHCA’s Beautification Committee aims to work with and support the stakeholders in initiating conservation efforts and fun activities for all visitors to enjoy.

Care of the Park / Branch Brook Park Alliance

FHCA has made a commitment to oversee and maintain the Ballantine Gates area of Branch Brook Park.  As a group, FHCA  is coordinating Spring and Fall clean-up days at the Ballantine Gates.  We seek volunteers to weed, rake, mulch and do general clean-up work.  FHCA also hangs wreaths on the Ballantine gatehouses during the Christmas season.

Heller Parkway

FHCA volunteers plant and maintain the flower beds and trim shrubbery on the first island of Heller Parkway opposite the       Althea Gibson Tennis Complex.

Renaissance Tree Project / NJ Tree Foundation

In conjunction with the NJ Tree Foundation, FHCA volunteers have helped plant more than 100 trees in our Forest Hill                 neighborhood.  These trees are planted street-side and are free to residents who commit to caring for them for a minimum of two years.  Tree plantings occur in the Spring and Fall.

Graffiti Removal

FHCA volunteers paint over or remove graffiti from traffic control boxes and STOP signs at intersections within the Forest Hill Historic District.

Do you have a passion for green space? Contact us today!

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