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Events Committee

What's Happening in Your Neighborhood

The Events Committee’s mission is to foster a sense of community within Forest Hill and to raise awareness of the Forest Hill Historic District among the general public, supporting FHCA’s motto, “Come for the house, stay for the community.”  Events include:

House and Garden Tours

The  Forest Hill House and Garden Tours are the major fundraising activities sponsored by FHCA.  These events showcase homes and gardens in Forest Hill, allowing residents and visitors to get a feel for the neighborhood and interact with current homeowners.


Neighborhood-Wide Garage Sale

The annual garage sale has become a premier event.  Usually held in either May or September, between 50-75 homes hold their individual garage sales on the same day, supported by FHCA.  Advance advertising and signage bring people from surrounding areas and beyond to shop and socialize in our historic neighborhood.


Annual Winter Party

FHCA sponsors a Winter Party for members.  Non-member residents and other guests are also welcome.  These dinners are held in local restaurants throughout Newark and other nearby neighborhoods.


Meet and Greet Events

The Events Committee hosts gatherings throughout the year at new businesses throughout Newark and other nearby neighborhoods.  These group events bring Forest Hill neighbors together in a social setting and encourage support of these businesses.


Kids and Families Events

Neighborhood parties for children range from Easter Egg Hunts, to Holiday Caroling, to Halloween Parades, to Movie Nights in Branch Brook Park.  Some of these are sponsored by FHCA, others by Essex County and local City Councilmen, and others are put together by neighborhood families.


In addition to these gatherings engineered by the Events Committee, several residents open their homes to FHCA members to watch the Academy Awards broadcast, to celebrate various holidays throughout the year, etc.  There are also active book and movie clubs.


Interested in joining the Events Committee?  Click here and let us know.

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