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Forest Hill Historic District


Living in the the Forest Hill Historic District means that your home has special historical, cultural, or aesthetic value and is an important part of Newark's heritage.  The district is bounded on the west by Branch Brook Park, on the east by Mt. Prospect Avenue, on the south by 2nd Avenue, and on the north by Verona Avenue.  There are exceptions carved out on those border streets due to the age or use of some buildings.  Click on each title below to view these documents:


  • Forest Hill Historic District Map   This map is reproduced on a sign located on the center divider island on Heller Pkwy, at DeGraw Avenue.  It is strategically placed to greet visitors to Forest Hill.                                                                                                 

  • Forest Hill Historic District Border Map   This map shows the exact borders of the historic district with specific areas shown as not included.                                                                                                                                                                                           

  • Forest Hill Historic District Nomination Report   Reproduced here is the application filed in 1990 with the State of New Jersey and the Federal government nominating Forest Hill to be designated as a historic district.  The application contains descriptions of every building in Forest Hill that is included in the nomination.  Various attachments are also included.              


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