Vacant Homes & Historic Preservation Committee

From 3-bedroom colonials to a 21-room castle!

We are often in awe and always proud of the homes in our historic district.  And the Vacant Homes & Historic Preservation Committee aims to help long-time residents and newcomers alike maintain the historic character of Forest Hill.  With the goal of preservation, conservation and neighborhood beautification, this Committee works to assist homeowners and residents with a wide variety of resources.  From identifying homes that need a little love to recommending the perfect accents for your period restoration, we are here for the homes that make our neighborhood great!

The committee members keep an eye on vacant properties and make sure they are being properly maintained.  They also work with realtors and curious homebuyers to match potential homeowners with the Forest Hill home that is right for them.

One of the reasons our neighborhood is special is its historic character, and to keep that character intact there are rules that homeowners must understand and respect.  This committee undertakes to educate our residents on these rules, issued and sanctioned by the City of Newark and the State of New Jersey, that specify the process of updating a home’s exterior.  It is simple.  If you want to change your home’s exterior paint color, siding, windows, doors, roof, fencing, garage – any part of your home that is visible from the street - just write it down on a 2-page application form and file it with the Newark Landmarks & Historic Preservation Commission (NLHPC) at least one month before you plan to start work.

Homeowners may no longer need to obtain a permit from the City for their proposed renovations, but because Forest Hill is a historic district, its homeowners still have to check with the NLHPC first because those rules take precedence.  NLHPC will review applications to make sure that a homeowner’s plans fit in with the neighborhood and adhere to the State and City’s guidelines for historic properties.  This process ensures the retention of the historic character of the Forest Hill neighborhood. 

To learn more, call the office of the Newark Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission at 973-733-6204.  You can also contact the Vacant Homes & Historic Preservation Committee for help in understanding the rules and how to contact the Commission.

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